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Home Décor Trends of 2022

Home Décor Trends of 2022

         As 2021 comes to end a new year is rapidly approaching, 2022. Home décor trends have been heavily influenced by the year 2020 and the interior design has changed as a result. Some of these trends are microtrends and many are staying for the long run. 


The first home décor trend that has been growing over the years is sustainability décor. This will be carried over to the year 2022 and I believe is here to stay. The world is becoming more aware of the need to reduce waste and prevent items ending up in landfills.

Alternatively, sustainability is the idea of using refurbished items or recycled materials to create furniture. Not only will this spice up your home, but you will also feel that you are making positive impact on the environment.


 You can also be sustainable by using retro pieces throughout your home. You can use at least one piece or multiple of vintage furniture to add décor. You can find vintage pieces at a local fairs, markets, or antique stores.


You can try looking for vintage furniture online but make sure to only buy from reputable websites—do your research before you order. Buying vintage can also help keep more coins in your pocket.


Neutral colors

People are turning away from bright colors in the home to neutral tones such as beige, grey, brown, whites, and black. Neutral tones bring a sophisticated look to the home.

These shades create a warm, clean, and inviting home. When you step in the home, the aesthetic will bring a much more relaxed and calming ambience. Also, it will serve as a perfect backdrop for any posters, furniture, or plants that you add to your décor. The interior design will be less cluttered with these natural hues.



Marble is a another trend that comes and goes but always adds a touch of luxury in the home. A marble wall or counter will always add a nice accent to the room.



Purchasing houseplants for the home has exploded since the start of the 2020. This is due to people being home more and outside less. Many started missing the outside greenery; so plant sales started to soar.

Some plants are more high maintenance than others, so make sure to research plants that will be easy to take care of and not as high maintenance, especially if you are always on the go.


The key to making these plants accentuate your home is not to go overboard. You want plants to add greenery to your home.

So try to find places that will look great for a plant, but don’t put too many where it begins to make things look cluttered. Not only do plants enhance the appearance of your space but it also can boost productivity, improve mood, and rid of air pollutants.

 An expanded kitchen

Cooking at home has become popularized as less people are dining out. The need to have expanded kitchens has become a must. Lots of counterspace and an island to lay out all your bowls, stirrers, and food to prepare your meals.


Funny items

People are love gag gifts, to make the day more cheerful try getting some items that will constantly bring a smile to your face. Like a funny mug or a cute poster that makes the place more friendly and inviting.




This is a macrotrend that is here to stay. Minimalism has a simple approach where you keep a main area like a living room simple and clean. Simplicity is the key to support the minimalism theme.



Have a few pieces of furniture be the focus of a space and add sentimental pieces to the room such as picture frames or special artwork.

Make sure whatever you choose for added décor is that it serves and purpose and that you are intentional with everything you choose. This will keep you purchasing unnecessarily and will keep the space open and modest.

Home office

If you are one of the many that work from home, it may be best to start—if you haven’t already to create a home office. 



This can help you feel more productive during the day by carving out a space where you can work and feel motivated with a proper desk and motivating décor. If you work on your couch or on your bed, it’s probably making you feel lazier than and more opt to be distracted.


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