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How To Stay Connected To Long Distance Best Friends

How To Stay Connected To Long Distance Best Friends

    Even if your best friends are long distanced you still want to maintain the friendships with gifts and surprises to show how much you appreciate each other. Here is a list of presents and experiences that will strengthen your bond. 

1. Our Friendship Is Like This Candle Gift

Get your best friend a funny candle that reads “Our friendship is like this candle, if you forget about me, I will burn this house down.” This candle comes in many great smelling fragrances that your friend will absolutely enjoy. Click here to order now

2. Custom Long-Distance Mug

You can also gift your friend with a personalized long-distance friendship mug. Anywhere in the country or world you can customize the names, states, and colors. This mug is designed to be geographically correct. If you would like to order click here.

3. Customize a Side By Side Or Heavens Apart Sisters Mug

If you have a sister or friend who you consider a sister who is long distanced or passed away you customize this mug that says “Side by side or heavens apart, sisters always connected by heart” this designed with cute angel wings. You can also customize the names, states, and colors. Customize this cup here

4. Plan Trips With Your Best Friend

As you guys are long distanced periodically make plans throughout the year to travel together. It doesn’t have be a long trip it could be just for a weekend.

This way you both have something to look forward to and get to plan the itinerary together. You can both decide to travel to places where you never been before. While you guys are travelling you will be able to catch up and make new memories together.

5. Watch Movies and Shows together

  If you watch an entertaining movie, make sure to recommend the movie to your friend to see too. Or if there is a show that is being newly released you can both plan to watch each episode at the same time while on the phone.

You will be able to discuss and hear each other’s reaction in real time. Watching together will make these show much more exciting and will serve as a great way to take both your minds off your troubles. 

6. Stay Connected Through Social Media

     Nowadays its easier to stay connected more than ever. You may not have time to talk on the phone every day, but you can send each other funny memes or videos throughout the day.

    This way you can constantly stay in contact. You can send each other things through direct message or tag them in a post. It can be things that can be related to an inside joke and posts you considered goals or that are aspiring.

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